Mechanical properties of thermoplastic polymers

Mechanical properties of thermoplastic polymers

Thermoplastic polymers are divided into two categories:

1- Amorphous Amorphous
2- Toxic crystalline or semi-crystalline


In this article we try to explain more about the mechanical properties of thermoplastic polymers. Amorphous are characterized by numerous knots in their chain structure. It can be seen that there are many knots in amorphous chains, without these non-parallel chains being folded together. This prevents the amorphous structure from becoming crystalline. By the nature of these joints, the space between the polymer chains increases and causes transparency and light transmission.


But semi-crystalline polymers (toxic crystalline) have parallel and regular chains, and the polymer chains are well folded and so-called compact and have almost no light transmission. Of course, it should be noted that not all crystalline polymers are like this.

It should be noted that the polymer is not 100% crystalline. Polyethylene has the highest crystallinity among polymers, which is almost 90% crystalline.

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