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What is a GRP repository?

GRP tank Due to the high diversity of water tanks, drinking water tanks and fire tanks, several options can be effective in selecting the tank. The three most important parameters are the volume of the water tank, the space in which the tank is placed, and the time the employer has to build the tank. If there is enough space, polyethylene tanks are among the cheapest tanks and the most available functional tanks.

The useful life of this GRP tank is about 15 years. In the country, more than 100 companies producing polyethylene tanks are producing these prefabricated tanks. Polyethylene tanks have operating temperature limits at temperatures above 50 ° C and are very difficult to repair in the event of any failure.

GRP resin repository
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At present, Nad Polymer with a production capacity of 20 thousand tons of resins (10 thousand tons of unsaturated polyester resins, 3 thousand tons of resins and 7 thousand tons of acrylic resins) is serving the country’s chemical industry and if necessary, production companies are ready. Also offers a variety of custom resins.

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