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What are GRP pipes and fittings?

Fiberglass-reinforced plastics (GRP) is a composite material made from a fiber-reinforced polymer matrix. GRP pipes are designed for corrosion resistance, weather resistance, visual inspection friendliness and durability.

GRP pipes are used in the following industries:

Chlorine-alkaline and chemical plants
Industrial water and sewage
Metal production
Power plants
Chimney gas desulfurization (FGD)
Pulp mills

GRP pipes and Fittings
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At present, Nad Polymer with a production capacity of 20 thousand tons of resins (10 thousand tons of unsaturated polyester resins, 3 thousand tons of resins and 7 thousand tons of acrylic resins) is serving the country’s chemical industry and if necessary, production companies are ready. Also offers a variety of custom resins.

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