Polymers replace minerals and metals

Polymers replace minerals and metals

Polymers replace minerals and metals

Many people in the community probably do not know much about polymers. However, the consumption of it is increasing day by day and is widely used in various industries. In this article, we want to briefly talk about why polymers have replaced minerals and metals.

In the not-so-distant past, most car bumpers were made of metal, their seats made of natural leather, and their dashboards made of wood. Also, household appliances and all kinds of goods used in society were made of wood, metal, natural leather and other minerals.

But with the advancement of technology and the remarkable advantages of polymers, these products were easily and reasonably priced to the manufacturers of various products, and they also used it in their products. Currently, the raw material of most car bumpers is polymer, and also the seat covers used in cars, offices and other places are polymer. Many home appliances can be seen that polymeric materials are used in the construction of the body and other parts of it.

But what are the reasons for this increase in the use of polymericmaterials? Here are some of these reasons:

  • Good and diverse mechanical properties of polymers
  • Low density polymers
  • Reasonable price of polymers
  • Easy and affordable access to a variety of polymer,
  • especially in Iran and due to the huge oil resources
  • and refinery activities in all parts of the country 

These reasons and the difference in the cost of mineral extraction, have made polymeric materials a practical alternative to metals and mineral compounds.

One of the main reasons for the diverse uses of polymers is their mechanical properties and their low density compared to metals and heavy mineral compounds.

There is a very close relationship between the application of it and their mechanical properties, so that it can be said that in practice it is the properties of polymers that determine their application.

In the following articles, we will examine the structure and mechanical properties of polymer.

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