Composites are lightweight, corrosion and impact resistant materials, have excellent fatigue strength, are strong and durable, and can be converted into a part or product in a variety of ways.

Composite related industries:

1.Pipes and fittings
2.automobile industry
3.building industry
4.Aerospace industry
5.Leisure and sports industries
6.Marine industries
7.Rail industry
8.Heating and cooling industries
9.Decorative industry
14.Button making and ……

Composite Consumer Statistics by Continents (2004 Statistics):

North America 40%
Europe 35%
Asia Pacific 22%
Other areas 3%

Definition of Composite:

Composition of two or more specific components can be considered as composite if the phases and components have different properties with each other, but the result is a composite composition with high properties. On a macroscopic scale, a physical mixture of two different materials that retain their physical and chemical properties and form a definite boundary with each other is called a composite.

A composite has one or more discontinuous phases in a continuous phase. The discontinuous phase is usually harder and stronger than the continuous phase, so it is called the amplifier phase. Amplifiers come in a variety of shapes, such as particle, flake, filament, and lamina.

The continuous phase of the field (Matrix) is called ..

In composites, there is a continuous, discontinuous phase and an interface between these two phases, which determines the properties and behavior of the composite.

Wood is a natural composite in which cellulose fibers are fibrously lined with lignin. Other examples of natural composites include bone and teeth, in which hard mineral crystals are dispersed in a soft collagen background.

Fibers used in composites:
Glass fiber
Carbon or graphite fibers
Calm fibers
Natural fibers
Other fibers (asbestos, basalt, bar, polyethylene)

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